The CIBEX-System is an innovative expression platform for highly productive manufacturing of protein based biopharmaceuticals. CIBEX is based on apthogenic eukaryotic protozoan organism Tetrahymena, which combines in an ideal way the advantages of different conventional expression platforms. The biological safety of the CIBEX-System, its cost-effective and productive fermentation procedures as well as the feature to produce glycosylated proteins present the ideal solution for manufacturing of complex recombinant proteins. Furthermore secretion of the proteins substantially simplifies the purification of the protein product.

Cilian AG was able to prove the functionality by the heterologous expression of 14 pharmaceutically relevant proteins within the frame of feasibility and evaluation studies, both with industrial partners or internally. The studies were performed for secreted as well as membrane-bound or intracellular proteins. The volumetric productivity is at least as good as conventional expression systems. Beside genetic and analytical methods, different up- and downstream procedures were developed and successfully adopted to meet the requirement of target proteins. Consequently, the R&D-team of Cilian AG possesses in the area of the recombinant protein production with Ciliates. This enables the scale up to industrial production.

Advantages of CIBEX-System