Therapeutic Enzymes for Pancreatic Insufficiency

Cilase is a recombinant lipase enzyme developed as an oral, non-systemic enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and other chronic digestive disorders. The therapeutic effect of Cilase can be supported by a complementary administration of a protease and an amylase.

All three enzymes derive from the ciliate T. thermophila and are recombinantly produced using the ciliate as production platform. This ensures high expression levels and a very simple purification by crystallisation. Excellent scalability of the production process can overcome current production bottlenecks of conventional EPI therapeutics.

The enzymes have all proven an in-vivo therapeutic efficacy at levels equivalent or better than current pancreas enzyme replacement therapy. By doing so, Cilase offers the potential to significantly lower the daily pill intake and therefore to increase patient’s adherence and compliance. The production of these three separate, recombinant, and non-systemic effective enzymes, allow, for the first time, a customized therapeutic treatment of pancreatic insufficiency.


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