Cilian receives major grant for enzyme product

Münster, August 1st, 2012:
Cilian AG, a startup innovative biotechnology company has been granted 1 million Euros for the development of its proprietary enzyme preparation (brand name: Cilase®) directed against pancreatic insufficiency. The grant was approved by the German Ministry of Research through its SME innovation program. Jointly with two research groups at the universities of Münster and Bochum (both in Germany) experienced in pancreas research, Cilian will continue the development and production of an oral preparation for the treatment of enzyme efficiency in pancreatic insufficiency.

Through this development it will be possible to offer a biotechnology manufactured compound for the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency. This represents a significant breakthrough compared to medicines derived from slaughter waste being used today.

The focus of this research grant will be the comprehensive testing of lipases in Cilase® for their efficacy. In vitro and in vivo studies performed in Münster and Bochum should build the basis for later regulatory approval.