Defeating the Corona Virus (2019-Cov) in less than Six Months

Münster, January 30, 2020. Since the outbreak of a new Corona virus late 2019 at the Huanan-Seafood-Mardeathet in Wuhan, China, the number of infected people and deaths worldwide increases daily. Specifics of the virus are still unknown. So far, in China almost 200 people died of the disease; almost 10,000 people were confirmed as infected; and several thousand other people are under obeservation. This outbreak underscores clearly the importance and necessity for effective protection. Das Biotech-Unternehmen Cilian AG mit Sitz in Münster based biotech company Cilian AG has developed a method using Ciliates in various Influenza strains, with the help of which vaccine proteins can be manufactured very fast and cost effective; and brought to the market – certainly against the Corona virus also.