City council and Technologieförderung Münster visiting Cilian AG

Members of Münster’s city council that at the same time serve on the Supervisory Board of its development agency Technologieförderung Münster (TFM) visited Cilian on August 12. The scope of the visit was to highlight high-tech research and development performed in the city and resident as tenants with TFM. Dr. Marcus Hartmann, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cilian illustrated the unique capability Cilian developed to produce recombinant subunit seasonal vaccines against influenza and fully recombinant digestive enzymes as replacement therapy for pancreatitis; utilizing a simple, safe, clean and inexpensive production host organism, Ciliates.

Christian Scheiner, Chief Executive Officer of Cilian, confirmed to the council members the attractiveness of the target markets and interested pharmaceutical partners in the products. He also iterated the immanent need for additional space to grow operations in order to support the exponential development effort.

In an hour long dialog, the state of art technologies at Cilian and the demands of its expanding business were discussed constructively.